'this is why i am alive and why i breathe'

I sit here feeling lucky as it would seem
Hoping this isn't just a wonderful dream
Writing a poem to a writer, she'll probably critique
Finding things wrong with it, than calling me a geek
Its a pretty good attempt though, wouldn't you say?
The way the end of each line rhymes the same way
Although I may not be the next Will Shakespeare
I'm hoping this may make one thing clear
I only wanna be with you and maybe give you a kiss
Oh man, that reminds me of that song by Hootie and the Blowfish
Oh Great, now its stuck in my head
I don't even like that song folk rock is dead
Anyway I hope you liked this, you magical fairy
Reading your boyfriend's retarded poem on your pink blackberry.

'one night rolling through the woods'

He stared at her with his big blue eyes. There were no pain behind them, but an emotion she hasn't witnessed in a very long time. He uttered a sentence. A sentence she knew quite well. But instead of the usual reply, she smiled, as one tear of happiness rolled down her soft cheek.

'favorite quote of confessions'

Last question: Do you check for monsters underneath your bed every night?
Eli Roth: No. I'm from Massachusetts. I keep a baseball bat under my bed. I tell my friends out here [in Los Angeles], "Do you know that in Boston more people use baseball bats off the field than on?"

From Improper Bostonian - By Jonathan Soroff